Aluna is now available online for free

February 8, 2019

You can now watch Aluna online for free on Youtube, see link below to watch the film:


Launch of “Black Line Initiative” in April 2015

March 23, 2015

Out of Aluna grows the Black Line Initiative to connect the Kogi with actvists around the world. The launch is now confirmed for Monday 20 April at 2100 at the Gate Cinema, Notting Hill in London. It includes a special showing of Aluna (PG) with Alan Ereira and a Q&A. Be one of the founders. […]


New Article in The Telegraph

The Telegraph recently published an article about Alan’s original encounter with the Kogi with details of when they watched film for the first time. The other press coverage from ALUNA can be found here:


Wednesday 5 November

November 12, 2014

Late yesterday I was told that on arrival in Santa Marta I am going straight into the Sierra to show Aluna in the new Kogi frontier town of Dumingueka.


Alan’s Colombia Diary

November 8, 2014