Colombian President Sworn in by Kogi

September 23, 2010

The new President chose to do a symbolic swearing-in which he called a spiritual oath of office. President-elect Juan Manuel Santos, his wife, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez, and three children began the day high in the Caribbean coastal mountains in Seijua, a sacred area north of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at a



June 2, 2010

Up 3.45, leave 4.15. Turns out seats not reserved as cheapo ticket. Flight long and eventless. Peter Rawitscher, the anthroplogist who works with the Kogi, collects me. Beautiful room in Guillermo Rodriguez’s fabulous Villa Ludovica in Santa Marta. Guillermo was for a while the Trust’s helper in Santa Marta. Alex Asseili, an enthusiastic backer, is here, sleepy. He picked up a bug in Venezuela.