ALUNA is not just an entertaining film. It is a step on the road to a better future for the world. An ancient civilization sets out to help us understand the ways in which hidden networks link all of nature in a delicate living system. They show how damage spreads, and what we can do to prevent it. We all know that we have been taking our planet in a direction that endangers everything. Now it is time to transform the situation. And individuals really can change things.

One law we support is Ecocide Law – a law that prohibits significant harm to the Earth. Polly Higgins is the lawyer behind the growing call for law to support not only humanity but also nature and future generations. ALUNA is a rallying call to stop Ecocide, and we support the call for Ecocide law to be the 5th international Crime Against Peace.

Watch ALUNA and support the growing movement to have Ecocide Law added to the Rome Statute. This is the international Statute that codified genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and acts of aggression as international crimes to be tried in the International Criminal Court.

You can

We can do it. Together.