Wednesday 5 November

November 12, 2014

Late yesterday I was told that on arrival in Santa Marta I am going straight into the Sierra to show Aluna in the new Kogi frontier town of Dumingueka.

Since I only have hand baggage this puts a strain on my rolling bag – I have found space for a sheet sleeping bag and towel and will wear a ruana to use as a blanket. Someone will have to find me a hammock.All the material is ready. With the unstinting help of a wonderful team in the UK and Colombia, I have a version of Aluna without subtitles, voiced entirely in Colombian Spanish, for showing to local audiences, and two cinema quality copies on hard drives in my bag. I am flying to Bogota via Miami on American Airlines with just one hour to disembark, clear customs and immigration and get to the next flight’s gate. Discussing this with the cabin crew I am astonished to learn that they take the message of Aluna and the purpose of this journey very seriously indeed. One brings me a photocopy of a very substantial article from the New York Times magazine on the destruction caused to the state of Louisiana by oil and gas extraction and the ruthless political war waged by the companies concerned to evade responsibility. The crew will do whatever they can think of to help me arrive in Bogota on time.

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