Latest News

Latest News

Keep you to date with the latest news on Aluna and the Kogi.

Alan’s Colombia Diary

Santa Marta 16 November 6.30am My last morning in Colombia. I arrived in Santa Marta yesterday and was brought to the Irotama as a guest in a new tower, with a vast apartment overlooking the sea and the infinity pool. The terrace has a hammock and a jacuzzi. Such is...

Aluna Screenings in Colombia

Alan is currently on a 12 day trip to Colombia for a series of special screenings to raise awareness and support the Kogi following the recent tragedies in the Sierra. The screenings were organised by a superb team of volunteers in the UK and Colombia and a special...

Aluna to be shown by the City of Santa Marta

We have just received news that the City of Santa Marta has requested a commemorative public showing of Aluna in the city’s main plaza on 9th November, which would have been the 22nd birthday of Jacinto Sauna. Jacinto, the son of the Kogis’ political leader Jose...

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