Alan is currently on a 12 day trip to Colombia for a series of special screenings to raise awareness and support the Kogi following the recent tragedies in the Sierra. The screenings were organised by a superb team of volunteers in the UK and Colombia and a special South American version of the film was put together at very short notice with technical work being done in both countries. The showings are:-

1. Thursday 6th November a special showing in the Kogi frontier town of Domingueka

2. Saturday 8th November – in Santa Marta at 2000 in the Main Auditorium of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

3. Sunday 9th November – in Santa Marta – an evening showing at the Centro Cultural San Juan de Dios. This is instead of the public showing in the Main square originally posted

4. Tuesday 11th November – in Cali at Auditorio No 5 Univalle Sede Melendez 5-7 pm

5. Tuesday 11th November – also in Cali at the Museo del Cine, Cinematografia Av, Belalcazar No 5A-55 Oeste 8 pm

6. Wednesday 12th November – also in Cali at the Universidad Javeriana at 10 am.

7. Thursday 13th November – in Bogota at the Mundo Wok, Carrera 13 No 82-74 Wok Zona T, 3era piso at 1800.

8. Friday 14th November – in Bogota at the Universidad de los Andes Audiorio Lleras, Carrera 1era No 18A-12

Also there are screenings happening in Germany in November and in the USA on 11th there is a screening at Chico State University California at 8 pm.

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