I am writing to keep you up to date as we move to the next stage of production of the Kogis’ new film, ALUNA. I have just returned from another visit to the Mamos to finalize our agreement. It was an astonishingly warm encounter. You can see a clip of what I mean here:
ALUNA is a documentary, but is very different in style from our last effort in 1990, “From the Heart of the World”. That was simply a televised warning that we need to be less greedy, to plunder less from the earth. They recognize that things are now worse, that we are rapidly approaching catastrophe. They want to show us how they see the structure of life of earth actually works, and enable us to see into the heart of the danger. They want to introduce us to ALUNA, the mind inside nature.

They are going to trace “Black Lines”, paths through which primordial energies flow into the world

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