Following the very successful sell-out US premiere of Aluna at the Encompass Paradigm Shifts Science & Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY, Ric Reil from New York City posted the following message:

“My immediate reaction to your film is that it’s a masterpiece and you’ve made one of the most important environmental films of all time.

I discovered Aluna on Facebook at the end of last year. I had never heard about the Kogis or your first film From The Heart Of The World. The trailer grabbed me immediately and I watched Heart of The World and then read your book. In short order I became quite taken with the Kogis and their message. The new film exceeds the first one.

I am a New York based musician, producer and audio engineer. I’m in my ‘50s, but I work with artists of all ages and I believe there is an emerging and profound yearning for change, spiritual awakening and environmental awareness in our culture. This film WILL connect with many people.

Understandably the Kogis are eager for their message to be heard. You need to assure them that there will be thousands of “Younger Brothers” who will be moved by them and their message.

The Spanish actually missed the treasure when they invaded and brutalized South America and its people in the 16th century. The Kogis and their culture were the real gold, and it was saved for our time for a reason.”

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