Early in July three of the Kogi people will travel from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia to London to collect the 250 miles of golden thread that they will unreel as a physical trace of the black spiritual line they believe connects all living and all natural things.

Mamo Shibulata, a senior Kogi philosopher and leader will accompany his daughter Francisca on this trip with Silvestre Gil, their Kogi cameraman and the only member of the party that speaks another language. In London they will meet two scientists  –  Alex Rogers, Professor of Conservation Biology at Cambridge, and Richard Ellis, Steele Professor of Astronomy at Caltec who has a special interest in dark energy/dark matter. This will be the first encounter between the Kogi with their belief in Aluna, the mind inside nature, and modern western science.

Their discussion will form part of the film “Aluna” to be made by the Kogi with British filmmaker Alan Ereira, who’s 1990 film “From the Heart of the World” was the first major communication the Kogi had made with the outside world for centuries. Aluna will  carry a vital message about our interaction with the natural world we live in. The main shoot for Aluna will be in Colombia in July and August and the film is due for release early in 2012.

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