Early in 2009 we Kogi Mamas made a spiritual consultation in Taganga which told us of the need to make a film and to take action to defend the sacred sites and ezuamas of our ancestral territory. They face increasingly serious threats including thefts by the army and the effects of mega-projects. That May we invited Mr. Alan Ereira to participate in the General Assembly of Kogi Mamas at the ezuama of Semineizhi (San Miguel), where we explained these threats, which are related to the Younger Brothers’ ignorance and lack of respect concerning our ancestral territory. On that occassion, at the ezuama of Takina, we heard his report concerning the results of his first film, in 1990. Our spiritual consultations indicated that Alan should make a second film to help the Younger Brother understand better. We visited the damaged ezuamas in these places and demonstrated the truth of the situation.

Towards the end of 2009 we held two assemblies of Mamas, in the town of Tungueka (Rio Hancho), and our consultations there affirmed the consultation made in Takina requesting the film to be made. We authorized Alan to return to do preparatory filming. Alan returned in June 2010 and, under the direction of the jatukwa (divining bowl) we undertook spiritual work for four days and nights at sacred sites around Tungueka, went down to work and film at the sacred site of the Rio Hancho estuary and up to the sacred site of the mountain of Nuklindue (San Lorenzo).

Now, in January 2011, Alan has returned to tell us of the results of this preparatory work and to consult with the Kogi Mamas in Tungueka and with the Kogi secular governor about the next stage of making this film, ALUNA. As our spiritual consultations over the last two years have repeatedly ratified the film, and given the work that we have already done, we have asked Alan to start making the film as soon as possible. We affirm to all the peoples of the Sierra Nevada that the Kogi Mamas have fully consulted on this work and that it is proper for us to undertake it. We expect this film to be a very important contribution to the defence of the ancestral territory of all the peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta against the increasing threats posed by Younger Brother.

Signed by

Mamo Luntana Bacuna

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