Santa Marta, 4 June, 2011

This statement has been motivated by the latest comments that have appeared on social networks on the internet, making ill-intentioned claims about the documentary ‘Aluna’ and the free self determination of the people participating in it.

Without entering into any other form of appraisal, the Kogi and Wiwa people, of their free will, most whole-heartedly support the making of the film ‘Aluna’, directed by Alan Ereira and produced at the expressed request of our spiritual and administrative authorities, which will be used as a tool of communication to convey our message to the world.

We respect and defend the territorial and cultural unity of the Sierra but we equally make clear that one of the main principles in the Law of Origin, is precisely the unity and the diversity of each of its peoples and to take this into account when undertaking activities and projects that contribute to the agreement in our unique relationship in conveying our message to Younger brother in a way that is truthful and efficient. We recognize that Mr. Danilo Villafañe is the leader of the Aruhaco people and not that of the Kogi or Wiwa, and that his accusations and defamations are also against us and not only against the director of the film “Aluna”.

We reiterate our most absolute rejection of all these comments, in that it has no truthful foundations and is neither respectful not constructive and that its only intent is to attempt to damage and create obstacles to a project that has been consented to and authorized by the Mamos and the representative authorities of the Kogi and Wiwa people.

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