I didn’t come to Britain for a holiday: we Kogi people don’t just up and leave our mud huts willy-nilly. I came to finish a documentary about our way of life in the hope that it might inspire the western world to adopt a similar style of living. If things don’t change soon, there’s no hope for future generations. You should take some tips from us indigenous people, who have a proper respect for nature. Our way of life in the Colombian mountains is sustainable. Let’s face it — yours is not.

I am thrilled to be the first member of the Kogi to visit Britain. I had heard that London is an important place, full of extraordinary people, so when I was told I would be staying here I was excited. I wanted to get a taste of British culture: the food, the drink, the sights. I was really looking forward to seeing Buckingham Palace. I hear the Queen lives in there with lots of gold. Although nobody has explained what it is she does.

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