Happy New Year to all our donors and supporters! The start of a new decade seems the ideal time to update you on our current activities.

In October Kogi Mama Shibulata and translator Sylvestre flew to Sweden for the first presentation of projects to the new Unesco BRIDGES commission. The meeting took place in Sigtuna and the Kogi were invited for the occasion as Unesco’s special guests.

Alan attended the Sigtuna meeting with Falk Parra Witte, one of our Trustees to make a presentation with the Kogi. The project they discussed had been proposed at the previous Unesco meeting and was mentioned in our autumn newsletter. It’s called ‘Cultivating Water’ and aims to draw on Kogi indigenous knowledge to help regenerate dried up springs and to restore the ecological balance of an area of temperate forest in the Sierra. Some of this work is already under way in association with the Bachaqueros Foundation

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