Aluna was shown at Sheffield DocFest to acclaim.  Mama Shibulata, Mama Juan Mamacatan and Silvetsre then went with Alan to the Rio+20 summit, at the invitation of the Oceans Group.  They presented a 20-minute selection of highlights of the film’s argument at both the People’s Summit and the main event, with Professor Alex Rogers, of Oxford University’s Dept. of Zoology, who made a powerful and very frightening presentation himself.

Both were well attended – the former by representatives of leading NGOs, the latter by diplomats including representatives of the Colombian government, who undertook not to greenlight projects in the Sierra without indigenous consultation.  The summit itself was very depressing, as the US stepped in at the last minute to block the key agreement on oceans on which so much depends.

We have re-cut the film to give it a more powerful narrative drive.

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